Number Two is tongue and cheek short film about Grace, a 27-year-old Events Coordinator who desperately needs to take a poop before a workplace meeting.  

However, just as Grace prepares to make her deposit into the porcelain bank, someone else enters the multi-stall restroom. After a beat or two, it becomes evident that they are both in there to do the same thing.

Grace, desperate to conceal her restroom agenda, makes as much noise as possible with all things made accessible to her. Her goal - wait it out for the lass to leave.

However with the work meeting looming - a POOP OFF is forced upon Grace. The one major rule - poop without a peep.  

Audiene copy.png

This film is for Millennial women who wholeheartedly embrace their quirks and are passionate about realistic portrayals of women. This is for women who no longer want to hide the fact that they poop, BUT ALSO aren’t huge fans of it echoing through the restroom for all to hear. This is for the woman who is proud of who she is, knows who she is - but also believes you can be both delicately feminine AND a feminist.  

Our key audience member is 24-year-old Zara, she’s a Receptionist for a boutique art gallery who gets amped for Monday night pottery class with the girls. She’s known to have “clocked all the dating apps” (she’s met up with every man between 27-37 in a 15 mile radius - excluding the murderer looking ones). She can’t go without her Cloud Paint from Glossier, her weekly catch up on Broadly articles and litters Broad City quotes into most conversations. Although Zara considers herself a proud feminist and Instagram's about it relentlessly, it’s still a hard no on the no shaving thing.